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Reference Shopping Centers 

Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, with offices in São Paulo and Fortaleza, Ancar Ivanhoe is an association between Ancar, a Brazilian pioneer in the shopping center market, established in 1972, and Ivanhoe Cambridge. The company was established in 2006, marking the entry of the multinational in the country. Currently, Ancar Ivanhoe is among the five largest companies in Brazil. 

This position is the result of the oak family, who, in the 70s, helped bring the American mall model for Brazil, having been responsible for the development of the second mall built in the country: the National Assembly, in Brasilia, besides promoting the foundation of Abrasce (Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers) with Sergio Carvalho as the first president. 


Pioneering and Innovation. 

Credibility in the market. 

Presence in five regions of the country. 

Malls of different profiles and levels of ripeness, located in capital cities and major centers. 

Full management that involves all areas of a mall. Among the 100 Best Companies to work for in Brazil, according to the Great Place to Work. (GPTW).




The Golden Square Shopping emerges as an alternative to consumption and leisure for a region that has the 4th largest GDP in the country. Is strategically located in an area easily accessible to the Anchieta highway, 30 minutes from the state capital and an hour's drive south coast. Industrial Typically, the ABC region has 2.5 million inhabitants, 58% of those belonging to classes A and B and looking for new options. 

Much more than a full shopping center, Golden Square Shopping comes with the mission to bring innovation through a mix (shops) diverse, covering all tastes and styles, and offering leisure and entertainment. In his 31.000m² GLA Area (Gross Leasable Area), the space has 200 shops with the best brands in the national and international retail, restaurants, events and a unit of Formula Academy, the first of the ABC. 

Also, take care to the client with a site that offers comfort and convenience can be seen in the 1700 parking spaces, the wide corridors and five (05) modern movie theaters Cinemark network. 
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